Saturday, August 11, 2007

Axis of Weevils – Don’t Nuke ‘em, Freeze 'em

Apparently there is some dispute these days about the source behind and the composition of the entity known as the “Axis of Evil”. The phrase lives on in infamy for those of us who are still just as bowled over every time we hear it as when it first rolled flamboyantly out of Bush’s mouth in the State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002. And clearly, the intention and the force behind its fabrication, has not faded in the least. News is the Bush-Cheney team is still pandering war propaganda to the American people and to the world—this time in preparation for an all out forced regime change in Iran (one of the “big three” which includes Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, if you didn't know).

But because of a better informed and more skeptical American public, there is realization by the war-marketers that something stronger than the Bush-Cheney claims of Iran’s “open desire” for nuclear weapons might be required to press public opinion in favor of such a move against Iran. So now Cheney is calling for smaller-scale strikes at suspected training camps in Iraq run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Some believe this might edge Iran into a show of their “evil” intent and so give just cause for the U.S. to make a bigger and more hostile move. But if not, anything that looks suspicious after such strikes could be taken as a retaliatory move on Iran’s part-a move that could be used just as easily for justification.

Knowing that the U.S. has found a loop-hole in the nuclear proliferation treaty so that they are now building an arsenal of lesser nuclear missiles, is anyone out there but me fearful of that nuclear holocaust we were all so worried about back in the 50’s? Remember “On the Beach”, the end of the world scenario following nuclear war and radiation fall-out creeping ‘round the world to eventually kill all remaining survivors? Seen any pictures lately of the devastation following the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945? Or of the maimed and dying from radiation disease or genetic mutation in later generations?

I worry that those younger than us baby-boomers who've never known and haven’t been told about our early childhood experiences of having to dive under our desks at school in 1st grade for bomb drills (duck and cover, it's been called)--and see movies growing up like “Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and Love the Bomb”--don’t have a realistic fear about nuclear warfare. Do the younger generations just think of these accounts as tales reflecting overly exaggerated fears of their elders, or worse, drug induced stories from flakey hippy-dippies? I’m scared, folks! There are 40-something neo-cons out there that don’t have a clue—and they are directing traffic these days!

We knew at some level as first graders that getting under our desks and putting our hands over our heads was not going to save us in a direct hit. Wasn't that what gave us our initial experience, our first reason to doubt and mistrust authorities—especially those who were trying to manipulate us into believing their lies or pacify us into doubting our own feelings? Is there any wonder that many of us more “progressive” thinking baby-boomers doubt and mistrust the claims of the Bush-Cheney team (who, together with Rumsfield, have been called by some, the “Axis of Medievals” to describe their dark age dogmatism and inquisition-like torture tactics). Yes, readers, some have even claimed that the U.S., Great Britain, and Israel have been the true powers in the “Axis of Evil”.

If this is so, then who would we ferret out as the Source of that evil axis?

I propose it is the Weevil in the Axis of Evil—and I have the culprit’s picture posted on this page! Now, upon checking out household remedies for rooting out evil, er, I mean weevils, the weapon of choice is not the microwave, but the freezer. Yes, I must tell you, readers, even nuking those evil weevils doesn’t work. House spouses report finding these slightly discolored bush bugs still walking around in the microwave after nuking infested flour.

So, the gist of all this, my friends, is to propose my way of ridding our country of evil—

I say put ‘em in the slammer, yep—pack ‘em in the freezer—then maybe we can all sup in peace!


Confessions from the sandwich generation said...

Oh that vivid memory of nuclear fallout drills where we protected our heads with our hands and crouched in either the hallway or under our desks! I wish we could just freeze the Iraq quagmire long enough to get our heads around what to do with the mess we've created.

In her own Voice said...

"what to do with the mess" -- that's the quandary...delegate it with backup?