Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Day at the Kos

No takers on Axis of Weevils? Aw, I thought it was kind of funny—in a cheesy sort of way. Sigh, oh well, you can’t please all the people all the time! I’ve been away from Blogger-ville for a few days now as you can tell by my lack of postings. I’ve been trying my wings at Daily Kos. Yes, my friends, I’ve set up a “diary” there (maybe that’s the more “upscale” term for blogs ?) I can only guess since I’m new to the whole realm of blogging. I momentarily supposed that the change from "blog" to "diary" was made as a means of projecting a more serious, professional, and purposeful image in the blogging community, but I was informed this had been the accepted term of use for some time.

I recognize among the "kossacks" a desire to become a more powerful and credible force of influence within the Democratic party and within politics in general. And they are well on their way! Just recently--they were acknowledged at the Yearly Kos Convention by the presence of the Democratic primary candidates who who made themselves available for questions. There's a lot discussion these days on the net and among the media about running the campaign coverage in such a way as to include more public participation. There's much excitement to be found among those involved about this possibility of change--one which empowers "we the people" in the political process.

Yep, they are feeling pretty high over there, I can tell. There's much interaction, much more so than here on Blogger. Lots of action--so I spent most of last weekend there learning what the action is, and consequently learning many details about current events, political candidates, and in general just what other “progressives” are thinking about where we are as a nation on many different counts.

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